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The brand symbol

corporate identity

A graphic kaleidoscope treatment was created as a signature for the brand

1. Here is the first of three of the kaleidoscope treatments used

2. Here is the second of three of the kaleidoscope treatments used

3. Here is the third of three of the kaleidoscope treatments used

product development + packaging

Establishing the bhave brand through distinctive design treatments. the following images are an indication of the product roll-out.

A complimentary range of colour and hair tint products was launched in 2018. These products are not for resale but are used by the hairdressers. Once again Dinergy created the product names for this collection.

Sample sachets for insertion into magazines, Direct Mail and Seasonal Gift Sets.


Dinergy manages the complete production process from concept to delivery. This includes all stages of artwork, proofing, press approval and quality control.

Point Of Sale Display Stands (PDQ's) are designed in Australia and produced off-shore.


The majority of the advertising initiated by bhave is focussed on salons and trade magazines. Large format retail POS posters are the best vehicle to reach customers and street traffic.

360 colour launch adverts and posters.

Generic posters for use in salons.

international sourcing

All items produced for bhave have been with the supplier network established by Dinergy. These off-shore production companies allow for substantial cost savings and are passed on to client.

The Dinergy team travels to international print fairs to increase its network of suitable suppliers. Complex or unique projects can be managed through a carefully vetted supply chain.


Support information brochures to salons and distributors, locally and overseas, are produced by Dinergy. A modular system has been created to facilitate easy translation without the need for continual redesign - saving time, resources and money. The following images are a taste of collateral produced.


Dedicated websites have been produced for bhave. An e-commerce site was designed for the main bhave product range as well as micro-sites for 360 colour.

social media

Multiple Social Media formats have been generated by Dinergy to help bhave generate posts internally as the need arrises.


Comprehensive product manuals have been produced to educate salons regarding the application of the product range. These ranges are also income generating for hairdressers and education them as to the best way to increase turnover is imperative to bhave's success.

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